Online Declarations

Explanatory Notes

These notes provide general guidance and supporting information of the rules surrounding farm-saved seed. If you are in any way unsure about your situation, please contact the BSPB Helpline on 01353 653209 for Combinable Crops or 01353 653208 for Potatoes.

  1. BSPB account references begin with an F followed by 5 numbers or W followed by 4 numbers.
  2. If your BSPB reference number is not showing it can be found on the front page of the paper form or your email request for declarations.
  3. If your address is incorrect, please start typing your Post Code and select the correct option or manually input into the address fields.
  4. If you have paid a processor, please select ‘Already paid processor’ under declaration option and enter the variety used.
  5. If your Processor’s name is not listed in the drop down, please select ‘Other’ and enter name in free text box.
  6. Hectares are needed when you are paying BSPB direct, otherwise please declare tonnages used that have been paid to your processors.
  7. All farm saved seed payments are subject to VAT.